Emergency Response Handbook

I’d like to hear what everyone is including in their emergency response handbooks – Let’s make a list we can refer to for updates.  Here’s a start.  We include basic emergency response items in our handbook:

evacuation/ shelter,
seismic activity (earthquake),
power failure,
hazardous materials spill,
medical emergency (first aid)
chemical & bio warfare exposure,
suspicious packages and bomb threats,
violence (including robbery),
pandemic health threat,
civil disturbance,
wind (tornado),
water contamination,
winter storm,
cyberterrorism/ identity theft/ data breach

we also include basics around:
incident command systems
crisis communications
We are in OK so there are doubtless more regionally specific threats. We do a high level risk assessment over all, then a more detailed assessment and monitoring for high risks. Response procedures are in a handbook for everyone that is separate from the BCM. This way we can educate and train without concern for strategy leaking or over-education. What are you including?