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In all planning, whether it is for projects or programs and regardless of the industry and nature of business, one of the key areas that often gets overlooked is the use and belief in assumptions.  Not just overlooked but they tend to become part of the fibre of every project and every BCM/DR program.  We assume ‘so-and-so’ knows this ‘action’ and will do that ‘activity,’ when in fact, so-and-so has no idea what they’re responsible for or even that others believe they’re responsible for it.

We don’t communicate assumptions often and if we do, it’s once or twice in the initial stages of a BCM/DR project or we make them up within the confines of our own segregated meetings, which aren’t attended by those that the assumptions are based on.  We capture the minutes of the meetings and action items but never reach out to those we assigned an assumption…

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  1. This website is so amazing. I loved reading it! I think this place will become my latest bookmarked site!

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